A friend alerted me to the fact that there appears to be a music festival coming to Madison this September. It has been dubbed the Forward Music Fest, and features a couple of my faves, Neko Case and Bob Mould.

What I found funny is the quote the festival organizers used to promote Neko:

\”I\’m a die-hard Neko Case loyalist, so it should surprise nobody that I went to see her at the Barrymore last night. The show was sensational – and I can\’t really describe what it was like for fear of sounding too much like a lovestruck teenager. Let\’s just say I was catatonic – other people in my area were dancing and clapping, and I stood frozen with my hands jammed into my pockets. She\’s just impossibly good.\”

What music expert wrote that? Well, it was this genius.

So I\’m thinking that at the very least, the use of this quote to promote the show has earned me a backstage pass. I\’m fairly certain that when people see this show gets my seal of approval, it will bring hundreds of new bodies in the door. Let the letter writing campaign begin.