For those of you looking to get in on the Guns n\’ Roses tribute band phenomenon, look no more. I received the following e-mail last week:

\”Nearly five years ago, Guns N Roses cover band Mr. Brownstone stormed into Madison to deliver it\’s first blistering Halloween performance. In July 2007, a second GNR cover band named Paradise City played the Club Tavern, which according to a blog commenter (who must be the little brother of a band member) was \”at capacity.\”

Thus, \”Mr. Brownstone v. Paradise City\” displaced \”Roe v. Wade\” as the new national debate that dominated the public discourse…until now.

In a development that could completely change the \”Mr. B v. PC\” dynamic, a third GNR cover band has emerged and it will be playing in Madison on April 17th. \”Appetite for Destruction\” will be rocking the Majestic on Thursday, April 17th. (Doors open at 7:30. Show starts at 8:30. $10.)

Judging by their website, these guys tour all over and this is more than just a hobby for them.

Consider this: there are twelve songs on the album Appetite for Destruction. Mr. Brownstone and Paradise City are two of them. Could it be possible that a band that has named itself after the whole album is twelve times better than the other bands named after only one song? After rigorous statistical analysis, the answer is: probably.

Anyway, even if they stink, you wouldn\’t want to miss the beer-fueled audience mayhem that accompanies a GNR cover band show.

– W. Axl