While many Wisconsin residents have taken the occasion of Brett Favre\’s retirement to mourn privately, several Wisconsin politicians have used the news as a reason to get a quick press hit. As is the case with politicians, their attempts to assuage the electorate after a traumatic incident are often awkward and histrionic.

For instance, Milwaukee County Board Chairman Lee Holloway inexplicably decided to chime in with this nugget:

“The retirement of Brett Favre signals the end of an era for sports fans in Milwaukee County and all across Wisconsin. I’m sure this was a difficult decision to make. As a football player at the University of Arkansas, I can somewhat relate to what Favre has gone through during more than a decade and a half with the Packers. While playing football can be very exciting and enriching, it is also challenging and exhausting, both physically and emotionally.”

Yes, Lee Holloway\’s college days at Arkansas have shown him exactly what it\’s like to be the most popular player in the most popular sport in America. In related news, my years of playing the role of Brett Favre in Madden video games has taught me what it\’s like to have the pressure of an entire state on your shoulders every minute of the day. And how to throw the deep corner route while eating an oatmeal cream pie.

U.S. Senator Russ Feingold\’s statement is pretty boiler plate, until he ends by dropping the hammer:

\”He is without a doubt the greatest quarterback ever to play the game.”

The debate is now over, so sayeth Russ Feingold. In other news, Feingold was immediately fined by the NFL for mentioning Favre\’s name in a press release within 30 days of his retirement. Clearly, a public endorsement of Favre by an independent interest like Russ Feingold is something we need to crack down on.

Milwaukee County Executive Scott Walker jumped into the fray with this odd quote:

“Brett, thanks for 160 wins, 253 consecutive starts, 442 touchdown passes, 61,655 passing yards and a million great memories. Thanks for making us proud to be Packer fans!”

Hey! Did you know Scott Walker\’s office has the internet! It\’s true! They can look up all kinds of football statistics with it!

And finally, the sad tale of State Senator Alberta Darling, who adjourned the legislative session yesterday in honor of the wrong Packer quarterback:

It was no surprise a state senator rose today to adjourn in honor of all the depressed Green Bay Packers fans and the quarterback who won\’t be returning next year.

What was a surprise was Sen. Alberta Darling (R-River Hills) referring to today\’s retirement of Bart Starr, not Brett Favre.

Perhaps it was Mike Ellis wearing the same suit he\’s been wearing in the Senate since 1972 that threw Darling off. In order to play it off, Darling immediately adjourned in honor of Don Majikowski, Lynn Dickey, Blair Kiel, Ty Detmer, and Mark Brunell.