I watched a good deal of the Roger Clemens/Brian McNamee testimony today, and I was most struck by how criticism of both men mostly fell along partisan lines. Republicans were generally favorable to Clemens (including my former congressman, Tom Davis of Virginia), while Democrats hammered Clemens, harping on his inconsistencies. Maybe Clemens is a big right-winger – who knows?

But I have to say that I am 100% behind the Democrats in this instance. I want to give Elijah Cummings a hug for the aggressive way in which he questioned Clemens. Massachusetts Rep. John Tierney blew holes a mile wide in Clemens\’ deposition interview.

I have no idea why Republicans would line up behind Clemens. Politically, that seems like a losing proposition, since Clemens\’ case is pretty weak. Dan Burton and John Mica embarrassed themselves. A few committee members had no idea what they were talking about.

A couple more points:

Apparently, we\’re supposed to believe that Clemens was taking injections, but they weren\’t steroids or HGH. And his wife was taking HGH, but he wasn\’t. And Andy Pettitte \”misheard\” on several occasions whether his best friend was taking steroids. And that after McNamee injected his wife with HGH, (which apparently \”horrified\” him) he kept McNamee on as his trainer.

A lot of attention was paid to McNamee\’s conflicting statements throughout this ordeal. While lies are never good, it appears McNamee may have been withholding information to protect Clemens. Clearly, he wanted to give as little information possible and let Clemens hang himself, which he did. So in that sense, the lies by both men were meant to benefit The Rocket.