My Condolences, My Card

From Overlawyered: \”The mother of a teen killed by a drunken driver was standing at his casket during his wake when lawyers Robert D\’Amico and Jimmy Burchfield sidled up next to her and offered their services. Kathleen Gemma filed a complaint with the Supreme Court\’s attorney disciplinary board, saying the two should have left her […]

Supreme Disinformation

I hate to beat a dead horse (see previous post), but come on, Wisconsin State Journal. Here\’s yesterday\’s headline with regard to the State Supreme Court race: Gableman Won\’t Retract Letters The dust-up is about a letter sent by Judge Mike Gableman that references a vote cast by Justice Louis Butler to free a convicted […]

Potatoes O\’Bama

Potatoes Au Gratin: What\’s In It: Scalloped potatoes, cheese, cream and butter Recommended By: Mayor Quimby (\”Ah. Au gratin potatoes. That\’s a quality side.\”) Potatoes O\’Brien: What\’s In It: Cubed potatoes, onions, peppers and spices Recommended By: Oreida Potatoes O\’Bama: What\’s In It: Uh…hope? Um…change? The chef promises us it\’ll be delicious and satisfy our […]

Timewaster of the Week

I implore you to immediately stop working (unless you happen to be performing head cancer surgery on someone) and check out \”Stuff White People Like.\” It is absolutely hysterical. It is kind of hard to navigate around, so I\’ll provide a handy list of links: 1-6 \”Coffee,\” \”Farmers\’ Markets\”7-16 \”Having Black Friends,\” \”Wes Anderson Movies,\” […]

Inaugural Idol Rundown

I\’m getting sick, so I\’ll just throw out a couple lazy and moderately considered thoughts about American Idol this year: Most of the white girls are total junk. Especially that pasty Irish illegal immigrant. I might vote against John McCain if his plan gives her amnesty. And if the \”Rock and Roll Nurse\” were singing […]