Okay, so I admit that I didn\’t watch the entire Democratic and Republican debates on Saturday night, although I did catch little bits. Thus, I have nothing really to say about any of the actual content discussed.

But I do have to mention one of my pet peeves about the whole process. Some people are bothered about how Iowa and New Hampshire have so much influence in picking our new President. Others complain about the length and banality of the whole charade.

I, on the other hand, have found something else that is ruining the whole political theater for me. Specifically, I can\’t stand how much John Edwards blinks. You\’ll thank me for pointing this out. Watch this video from a previous debate:

Honest to God – it looks like his head is trying to fly off the rest of his body with the way those lids are flapping. And once you notice it, you can\’t notice anything else – what he\’s saying becomes completely irrelevant. (Okay, slightly less irrelevant than it already is.)

Nobody on the GOP side is quite that bad, although I noticed Mike Huckabee is quite the blinker. Fred Thompson doesn\’t really have to worry, since his eyelids are closed during most of the debates.

Apparently, one of the signs that someone is lying is that they blink more. I\’m not saying Edwards necessarily lies any more than any of the other candidates. In fact, maybe he\’s just trying to generate a breeze to keep himself cool on stage. But any time he wants to come over and play poker with his trial lawyer pals, he\’s more than welcome.