\"\"I just happened to catch a little of the Sonics-Pacers preseason game on TV the other night. And while most preseason NBA basketball is unwatchable, I was interested both in seeing Kevin Durant play, and in watching Marquette\’s own Travis Diener get a shot with the Indiana Pacers.

As it turns out, Diener started the game (Jamal Tinsley, the Pacers\’ regular point guard was injured), led his team in scoring (15 points on 6-for7 shooting), and earned \”Player of the Game\” honors from the Pacers\’ announcers. Most importantly, his team cruised to an easy win.

Marquette fans probably know that Diener has spent two years buried on the end of the Orlando Magic bench, stuck behind some talented young point guards. But clearly he has stuck with it, and it looks like he may finally be getting a realistic chance to play a role with this Pacers team. Best of luck to him – he deserves a shot.