You know it was a tough Packer loss when you\’re still mumbling to yourself in anger on your way home from work the next day. I mean, it would have made too much sense in the second half to run an offense that got you to 4-0 in the first place, right? Must be hard to call plays with both hands around your throat.

After the game ended (okay, well, after I stopped swearing) I realized something strange. Before the season, I got Madden 2008 for the PS2. I played a season with the Packers, and started out 4-0. At that point, I was chuckling, saying \”yeah right.\” Then in game 5 against the Bears, the Packers lost their first game. Here\’s proof:


So I\’m thinking there might be some supernatural at work here. There\’s actually a 90% chance I am controlling the Packer season through my video game console. The good news is, the Packers took care of business next week against the Redskins and against the Broncos after that.

Tickets may be purchased to watch me play the remainder of the season for a mere 50 bucks. For the ladies, I will play shirtless for an extra 20.