Have you been looking to join the high-pressure world of counting things? Are you interested in the fast-moving job of reading pieces of paper and entering numbers on those papers into a computer?

According to this promotional video, you may be just enough of a thrill-seeker to work at… the Wisconsin Department of Revenue! Get ready for the nonstop action of poring over tax forms and entering that data into a computer.  Sense of adventure (and willingness to take short lunch breaks) required.

In the video, intended to get people fired up about the bean-counting over at DOR, it mentions that the agency is reponsible for \”providing property tax relief for the taxpayers of Wisconsin.\” Actually, the Legislature does that via changes in the law – DOR just cuts the checks.  In fact, there\’d be a little more \”property tax relief\” available had DOR not spent money on this ridiculous video.   DOR taking credit for property tax relief shows they\’re trying to fool prospective employees into thinking that all the calls they get from taxpayers are going to be friendly calls thanking them for all the wonderful tax relief they provide.

Oh, and did I mention that the DOR workforce is diverse?  They only point it out three times in the video.  As if some guy sitting at home in his underwear watching \”The View\” is going to turn down a job offer because DOR doesn\’t employ enough Eskimos.

Of course, DOR is a vital department to the well-being of the state.  The more truant taxpayers they can track down, the less you will have to pay.  But it\’s not exactly like they\’re picking from a pool of recruits whose only options are to either join the Navy SEALS or enter data from tax forms into a computer.