I watched Wisconsin\’s own Steve Stricker win the Barclays golf tournament yesterday, which catapulted him into first place in the FedEx standings (whatever the hell those are). With the Brewers blowing more than Jenna Jameson, it is cool to see a good Wisconsin sports story.

But after Stricker made his final putt and got choked up during his post-win interview, I realized how much more important his win was. As he walked off the green, he got a big hug from fellow Wisconsin golfer Jerry Kelly, who was waiting for him. And in a small way, I though Kelly\’s hug was so Wisconsin. I mean, here\’s two guys who are friends from the same state, but constantly competing against each other. But when one succeeds, the other is there to show his appreciation and offer his congratulations.

There are plenty of golfers that hail from the same areas – mostly California and Florida – but you never see these guys wait for each other to congratulate their pals on winning a tournament. I hadn\’t seen that before. And it just seems fitting that they\’re Wisconsin guys. In a hokey way, it seems like that\’s what we\’re all about. Furthermore, I have never received a hug in Minnesota, so screw those guys.

Anyway, it was a nice touch on a day that I concluded that the Brewers have now shaved five years off of my life. When they deliver my eulogy, they should say \”he lived a good life, but it could have been a lot longer if not for the 2007 Milwaukee Brewers.\”