Today\’s Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel contains an article about Dr. Christopher Wolfe, a Marquette University political science professor who intends to set out and begin his own university.

From the article:

The university Wolfe envisions would stand in contrast to what he views as a \”flabby relativism\” in modern education, a belief that all ideas must be recognized and given similar weight. \”There is a truth,\” he says. \”It\’s sometimes hard to see what that truth is, but we need to pursue it, and we can discover it to a great extent.\”

As a graduate student in 1998, I took a constitutional law class from Dr. Wolfe, and it was one of the most illuminating academic experiences I\’ve had. In fact, his class inspired me to write my Master\’s thesis on judicial activism – probably a bad choice, given the fact that the topic is Wolfe\’s specialty, and he could easily spot flaws in many of my arguments. But that\’s the type of tough academic instruction that academia needs – and which he\’ll no doubt provide at his new university.

Marquette will miss him, as he represented the best the university had to offer. Best of luck to him, and here\’s hoping his new school\’s basketball team makes the Sweet Sixteen.