After a full day of anticipating who the Milwaukee Bucks were going to pick, the NBA draft is now upon us. As my friends know, I am an out of control Corey Brewer fan – he fits exactly what the Bucks need – he\’s an athletic small forward who can defend and plays with a nasty streak. And he can hit a shot when you need it. It almost makes too much sense – although Conley would be a great pick too, if he\’s available.

Andy Katz has already reported that if Yi is available at #6, the Bucks are going to take him. As soon as he said it, I think I swallowed my tongue. Here\’s an unproven foreigner who refuses to work out for scouts against other live players, and who has said specifically that he won\’t play for Milwaukee – and yet the Bucks are actually going to take him. I have to think that if they do, they\’re picking him for someone else – otherwise, this will be a disastrous pick. In fact, if they take him, my wife might be behind the pick – since I probably won\’t watch any Bucks games next year. Frees up a lot of time.

My buddy logged on to messenger, and here\’s how our draft chat went:

Evil Grossmouth: Just saw the boston trade. And Seattle wants Green.
EG: Corey Brewer will be there at 6 now.
Christian Schneider: They\’re taking Yi
Christian Schneider: Andy Katz reported it
Christian Schneider: Done deal
EG: No word on then trading him to Chicago?
Christian Schneider: Hopefully for someone else
EG: Or Minnesota?
Christian Schneider: Unless they just told Andy Katz that to freak out another team below them Christian Schneider: But that\’s what he said
Christian Schneider: Sal Pal says the 76ers are trying to move up to the Bucks spot
EG: I think if they take him, there\’s a 85% chance they trade him.
Christian Schneider: Then there\’s a 15% chance I hang myself
EG: Yi for 12, 21 and next year\’s #1.
Christian Schneider: I\’d do that
Christian Schneider: That Boston trade is terrible for them.
Christian Schneider: Pierce and Allen?
EG: I agree. Ray Allen\’s got maybe one good year left in him. but unlaoding Wally\’s contract is good.
Christian Schneider: But you have all that talent sitting there at #5 .
EG: I like what Seattle\’s doing.
Christian Schneider: Yeah, they\’ll be solid
Christian Schneider: I am 3:30 from a meltdown.
EG: And maybe 8:30 from redemption.
Christian Schneider: I have a Seattle t-shirt – I\’ll have to wear it more often now
EG: Better than wearing a Bucks shirt right now.
Christian Schneider: I am not optimistic
Christian Schneider: F***ing Bucks
EG: Dream scenario – KG to Phoenix, Yi, picks and contracts to Minnesota, Stoudamire to Milwaukee
Christian Schneider: Sure
EG: I will kiss Herb Kohl on the mouth if that one happens.
Christian Schneider: You just making stuff up?
EG: yes. trying to come up with distractions to avoid thining about the bucks going to war with the bad guys from 24 and wasting a lottery pick on a guy who will never play for them.
Christian Schneider: A lottery pick in a ridiculously deep draft
EG: From MJS:
Assuming Jeff Green is the pick at No. 5 as ESPN is reporting, it looks more and more like the Bucks will take Yi Jianlian with the No. 6 pick. Apparently, the Bucks are prepared to brace themselves for possible drawn-out negotiations with Yi\’s camp.

As Journal Sentinel columnist Michael Hunt just said: \”How do you say holdout in Chinese?\”
EG: Take the biggest unknown in a draft loaded with proven, winning talent.
Christian Schneider: I am going to puke
EG: First five lottery picks played in the Final Four. And we\’re taking a guy who won\’t even work out against some D-II college scrub.
EG: Sorry – four of the first five picks.
EG: And a 10-year defensive stopper sitting there in Brewer.

(Bucks select Yi)

EG: It\’s been nice knowing you.
EG: poll on who the Bucks shuld pick Brewer -49, Yi – 30, B. Wright – 20
Christian Schneider: Mother f***ers
Christian Schneider: F*** the Bucks
EG: \”He\’s hip-hop, he\’s Fity Cent\” – what the f*** is that?
Christian Schneider: Un f***ing believable
EG: Time to recall Herb Kohl.
EG: Corey Brewer will be a star in Minnesota, Chicago or Charlotte.
EG: There better be a trade involved here.
Christian Schneider: Weaknesses: Playing basketball
EG: Strengths – kicks ass against furniture
Christian Schneider: F*** this
Christian Schneider: Damn it
EG: Unless the Bucks trade him or start WWIII over this, this is an unmitigated disaster.
Christian Schneider: I am going to be sick
Christian Schneider: This isn\’t a fit at all
Christian Schneider: Let\’s pick a guy that will play the same position as Charlie Villanueva
EG: Look at it this way. it\’s not like they were going to be good anyway. And why is Larry Harris making draft picks based on what his dad — WHO COACHES FOR ANOTHER NBA TEAM – tells him?
EG: Yi speaks better English than Stu Scott at least.
Christian Schneider: Scott is talking to Yi about the American parties he\’s been to – nothing like the parties in Cudahy
EG: Steve A making the same point I made.
Christian Schneider: That scares me
EG: Our Gm just used a #6 pick in a loaded draft on a guy HE NEVER SAW PLAY.
Christian Schneider: I might miss Minnesota\’s pick while I look for my cyanide pills

(Minnesota takes Corey Brewer)

Christian Schneider: Hey
Christian Schneider: Corey F***ing Brewer
Christian Schneider: That would have sucked for him to be a Buck
Christian Schneider: I mean, he only would have started right f***ing away
Christian Schneider: Brewer is smiling in his stock photo because the Bucks didn\’t draft him
EG: And given exactly what we needed – shooting, defense and size on the perimeter.
Christian Schneider: Good to know the Bucks just got softer
Christian Schneider: Yi makes Villanueva look like Marques Johnson
Christian Schneider: I actually feel kind of liberated.
Christian Schneider: Now I get to pick a whole new team.
EG: Silver lining – maybe they\’re trading him to Dallas, where Del works. At this point I\’d do cartwheels to have Devin harris.
Christian Schneider: Yeah, if he gets us Harris, I\’m fine with that.
Christian Schneider: Charlotte is about to screw up their pick
EG: I\’m fine with that until Corey Brewer plays in 8 all-star games for Minnesota.
Christian Schneider: Noah\’s going next
Christian Schneider: And he\’s about to do something crazy in his interview
Christian Schneider: \”This is your draft pick on drugs\”
EG: if he does, that means Yi\’s not going to Chicago.
EG: I hate him. he\’s going to try and act like he\’s a gangsta, instead of a millionaire\’s kid who looks like a very ugly woman.
EG: There\’s nobody left on the board except Acie law that the Bucks really need. I wouldn\’t mind Al Thornton. he\’s ready to start from Day One.
EG: So I\’m hoping that Chicago take him and then trades us Thornton and Duhon for Yi.
Christian Schneider: I give up
Christian Schneider: Bucks? Who are the Bucks?
Christian Schneider: Milwaukee has a team?
EG: I\’m goping to be able to read a sh**load of books and watch a ton of movies this winter.
Christian Schneider: Yeah, maybe this is good for me. I\’ll be smarter and thinner – more workout time.
Christian Schneider: For Boston, they made just about the only move they could that would be worse than drafting Yi.
EG: Short term they\’re better with Allen than Yi. Long term I\’m not so sure.
EG: We should be on ESPN right now. We\’re nailing every one of these picks.
Christian Schneider: I am pro-Noah\’s suit
EG: So let\’s recap the first 9 picks – 7 guys who made it to at least the Elite Eight in march, the reigning college player of the year, and a guy who only plays well against chairs.
EG: And we got the guy who plays against chairs.
istian Schneider: Who picked one team he wouldn\’t play for, and it was us.
Christian Schneider: I would send him back to China in exchange for Audrey Raines
EG: That is the line of the night. You must really not like this guy if you\’d rather have Audrey Raines.
Christian Schneider: That is saying a lot.
EG: is it a bad sign that I\’m clicking the re-clicking the ESPN trad tracker every 30 seconds hoping to see a Bucks trade involving Yi.
Christian Schneider: Maybe Larry Harris was actually trying to order some Chinese food and accidentally dialed the wrong number.
Christian Schneider: He wanted some General Tso Chicken and ended up with a side of Yi Jianlian.
Christian Schneider: I think I would actually rather go play in China than play in Sacramento.
EG: -I am now Pro-Spencer Hawes, learning that he is a Republican. We should trade Yi and Simmons for him and Ron Artest and Mike Bibby.
Christian Schneider: I was just going to say – did they just say Hawes has a Bush bumper sticker?
EG: Trade Yi to Golden State.
Christian Schneider: Pleeeeeeease
EG: Yi for #18 a future first-rounder and That guy with the worst FT shooting in history.
Christian Schneider: Why would they say that about Hawes but not mention that Noah is a socialist?
Christian Schneider: Law
Christian Schneider: Gotta be
Christian Schneider: Bam!
EG: And Philly will take Al Thornton.
Christian Schneider: I\’m good
EG: And hopefully trade him to Milwaukee.
Christian Schneider: If they were going to trade, they would have just swapped picks
EG: I would settle for Thornton, 21 and Shav randolph for Yi.
Christian Schneider: Why does Philly want Milwaukee\’s trash?
EG: If a trade is made after something like 3:00 on draft day, it can\’t be finalized until after the draft and the teams have to keep their picks and make them for the other team.
Christian Schneider: Yeah, but the reporters always know about them before they happen. Most of the time.
Christian Schneider: Think if I called the Bradley Center, they\’d let me talk to Larry Harris?
Christian Schneider: Good thing I didn\’t go to the Bucks\’ draft party – there would have been a scene
Christian Schneider: Nice to see the new Hawks uniforms welcome them to the NBDL
Christian Schneider: Somewhere, Acie Laws I and II are looking down and smiling.
EG: Tell him you\’re Del Harris, they\’d probably put you right through.
Christian Schneider: Must be nice to root for a team that is actually trying to get better
Christian Schneider: Good thing the Bucks turned the 76ers down
EG: I just puked in my mouth.
Christian Schneider: Probably were going to give them both first rounders
EG: They could have had Thornton and Crittendon instead of a Chinese guy who will never play for them. Phillt has 12, 21, and 30.
Christian Schneider: Correct
EG: I think they would have given up two of them is what they said.
Christian Schneider: The Celtics screwed this all up with their terrible trade
EG: Billy King is one of the 5 worst execs in the league and Larry Harris couldn\’t even outsmart him.
Christian Schneider: Because they would have taken Yi
EG: Correct. If they don\’t make that trade, we get Jeff Green and I am happy.
Christian Schneider: We missed it
EG: Thaddeus Young?
EG: It\’s a bad pick, so maybe Larry Harris told him to make it.
Christian Schneider: I don\’t really care who goes from now on
Christian Schneider: This is a disaster
Christian Schneider: Go Marquette