Twice a week, I play basketball before work with a bunch of guys that I\’ve known for a while. Seeing as we\’re mostly old guys, some of us pull a hamstring if we even imagine running faster than a jog.

Two weeks ago, we had a guy fall to the floor and start grabbing his ankle. After about two minutes of staring at each other in silence, someone finally asked him, \”Uhhh… you all right?\”

Fast forward to last week, when we were joined by the girl that sometimes shows up to play. Without getting myself into trouble, I can diplomatically say that she\’s better to look at than any of us old fat guys. Anyway, halfway through one of the games, she sprains her ankle and drops to the ground. And seriously – you would have thought it was the Kennedy assassination.

Immediately, there were four guys helping her up and encouraging her. Guys were sprinting to the locker room to be the first one to get her ice. Backrubs were offered. Grown men wept openly.

I am 100% certain that if I injured myself, the priest would be in the gym delivering my last rites before anyone even noticed I was laying on the ground. Totally unfair – someone pass a law.