Fans of the old blog may remember that I\’m a die-hard Neko Case loyalist, so it should surprise nobody that I went to see her at the Barrymore last night. The show was sensational – and I can\’t really describe what it was like for fear of sounding too much like a lovestruck teenager. Let\’s just say I was catatonic – other people in my area were dancing and clapping, and I stood frozen with my hands jammed into my pockets. She\’s just impossibly good.

I was torn about whether to throw the underwear I was wearing onto stage, or bring an extra clean pair to throw. I figured the ones I was wearing would be a little more personal. I actually considered throwing them up on the stage while I was still wearing them.

I was able to get really close to the stage. How close, you ask? Try this close:


Before the show, we had a couple of tacos at Tex Tubbs\’. A special appearance at Tex\’s was made by none other than Chuck Chvala, who I assume was going to the show as well. Mad props to Chuck for having good taste in music.