I was walking by a west side Madison ice cream shop yesterday, when a flier taped to their window caught my eye. In honor of Martin Luther King, Jr. day on Monday, they are offering the \”I Have a Dream… Sundae,\” complete with a phony MLK speech about the importance of having a good sundae \”without being judged.\” I knew nobody would believe me, so I snapped a picture:


When hearing of the news, Michael\’s Frozen Custard immedately unveiled the \”Keep Hope Alive\” pork sandwich.

But seriously, who knew Michael Richards owned an ice cream store?

UPDATE: VH1 aired the \”Flavor of Love 2\” reunion show today – ironic, because that show single-handedly set back race relations by 30 years.

Oh, and I\’m kicking myself for not calling this post \”I have a Dreamsicle.\”