I think I’m going to officially decree Greenbush Bar as my favorite Madison restaurant. It’s a cozy little neighborhood bar on Regent Street that has an inviting feel and great food. I usually get the spaghetti and meatballs, and the sauce is out of this world. In fact, I’m trying to hunt down where I can buy sauce like that – it’s a lot lighter in both texture and taste than the stuff you buy at the store, which tends to be pasty. The menu says it’s “Sicilian style,” so is that a real type of sauce? Oh, and the personal pizzas are the best pizzas in Madison, which unfortunately isn’t saying much.

(I’m expecting a call any minute from the State Journal to do restaurant reviews.)


I had to go to the Radio Shack on University Ave the other night to pick up some cable stuff. That Radio Shack is right next to a Bikram Yoga studio, so I stopped to watch a little of what was going on inside. You may know that Bikram Yoga as the sweaty-butt yoga where they crank the heat up to like 200 degrees so everyone is slimy and gross. Every dude that was in there had his shirt off – like it’s a requirement or something. It was unspeakably foul. At some point, women in this class have to decide – “I can either not eat this meat loaf or I can go work out next to some guy’s sweaty armpits that are gushing like fire hoses.” I would exercise my option to never eat another meal.

I was thinking, though, that they could change the class up to save costs and take care of the sweaty guy problem. If the whole idea is to sweat, you should just keep the studio at room temperature and make everyone wear parkas and long underwear. It’s genius – you save the extra expense of cranking up the heat, and you don’t have to look at slimy shirtless men. Plus, everyone will get the sweaty workout they seek with a lot less overhead. In fact, I’m looking for investors now.*


I have to register a complaint with the City of Fitchburg – it\’s absolutely ridiculous how many handicapped parking spots there are at the Qdoba on Fish Hatchery Road. They could be holding the World Flag Football Championship between the Special Olympics and the AARP All-Stars and they wouldn\’t need that many handicapped spots. Consider this my plea to the city council – let\’s help the lazy able-bodied people out here a little, huh?

* – Dividends will be paid out in the form of hugs.