I think I\’m a pretty astute follower of Wisconsin politics, but how in the world did I miss this story for a week?

Candidate touts sex with Packers in campaign

MADISON, Wisconsin (AP) — Sex! The Green Bay Packers! Sex WITH the Green Bay Packers! The usually ho-hum race for Wisconsin secretary of state is being spiced up by one candidate\’s naughty tell-all book about her bed-hopping exploits with Green Bay football legends during the team\’s glory days under Vince Lombardi in the 1960s…

Hornung did not return numerous messages left by The Associated Press. The book, however, includes a foreword in which he describes Sullivan as a \”carefree, fun-loving girl who fit right in with me and the rest of the \’Pack.\’\”

Actually, I think Hornung has it wrong. It sounds like the Packers actually fit right in her.

Seventy-eight-year-old Carol Williams of Menasha said she was surprised at Sullivan\’s openness, but not her exploits.

\”Who isn\’t doing things like that these days?\” she said.

She\’s absolutely right – in fact, I went to pick up some braunschweiger at Sentry the other day, and accidentally ended up having sex with Bubba Franks. It really is unavoidable.

To pick up on the media attention, JB Van Hollen today announced that in college, he once got hammered and plowed a girl that looked like Ray Nitschke.