My daughter has a little stuffed bunny she calls \”Hop-Hop\” that she takes everywhere with her. A few weeks ago, she told me that Hop-Hop was a boy, which surprised me. Yesterday, she announced that she was changing her mind and that Hop-Hop was now a girl.

What are the rules on this? Should I allow just arbitrarily changing the sex of her toys? Do I have to pay for Hop-Hop\’s hormone therapy? Has my daughter become an advocate for the transgender community without even knowing it?


Last weekend, I decided to take her to the bank to show her how they run all the coins from our piggy bank through the machine. My wife and I always bet on how much is in the piggy bank – I bet $78, and my wife bet $73. My daughter said \”One-oh-two,\” which I didn\’t even understand, because she can just barely count to twenty.

So we got to the bank, and they ran the change through the machine. Total: $102.43.

True story – I have the receipt to show it.


I made the decision a while ago that I would expose my daughter to the music I like, and if she likes it, all the better. For those of you that are not yet parents, this turned out to be a good idea. If you stick to children\’s music, you will spend your life suffering through things like this.

Now, my daughter actually knows and requests songs that are good songs. So for all of you looking to groove this summer, here are my daughter\’s top five requested songs, with links to the videos.

1. The Smiths – Sheila, Take a Bow
2. Beatles – I\’ve Just Seen a Face
3. Ramones – Sheena is a Punk Rocker
4. Postal Service – We Will Become Silhouettes
5. R.E.M. – All the Way to Reno


I know everyone gets tired of my bragging about my kid – so for those that are, here\’s your money back: