So by now, you\’ve all heard the story of Johnny Lechner, the \”lovable loser,\” who has spent twelve years at the UW-Whitewater. He\’s been featured in both the state and national media, and was only marginally entertaining then.

Well, there he was this morning, on the front page of the state\’s two largest newspapers (the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel and the Wisconsin State Journal), as he was announcing that he would be staying for a 13th year of college. Translation: he\’s going to milk this thing for all it\’s worth. Not to be outdone, the MJS is offering an online chat with Lechner.

We get it; he\’s got a publicist and feels the need to \”announce\” things to keep his name in the news, since he is unqualified for anything other than being a media hound. If his goal is to keep embarrassing himself and the UW-Whitewater, he has been a resounding success.

It is shameful that the supposedly serious media in this state would continue its complicity in this charade. I hope they\’re happy that they continue to be manipulated in the \”Get Johnny Lechner Laid\” sweepstakes.

I imagine his little stunt is less popular to the kids who legitimately want to go to college and succeed, and they probably resent his taking up a spot for someone who actually does want to go to college. Then again, if you can\’t get into UW-Whitewater, you may want to consider the possibility that college may not be for you.