Completely wasted this weekend. Mostly dicking around with my guitar.

I am a terrible guitar player. Every now and then I pick it up, record about 10 little bits and pieces (never a whole song), then put it down for a few weeks. All of these pieces of songs will remain on my hard drive until I die, at which time they will be uncovered and embarrass me from the grave.

If you wish to torture your senses, feel free to listen here and here. Couple of mess-ups, but I generally think of these things, record them 5 minutes later, then never listen to them again. Song title suggestions are welcome.

I also watched \”Dog Day Afternoon\” on Friday night, since these are the important details about my life that you absolutely must know. Seemed topical, since Pacino\’s character invokes the Attica prison riots (where police and corrections officers killed 40 inmates) to turn the crowd against the police on the scene. Seems to mirror the anti-cop sentiment in Milwaukee these days with the Jude beating verdict.