I spent Saturday night re-watching Shawshank. Even though I\’ve seen it probably 10 times, I am man enough to admit that I sob like a little girl pretty much the whole way through every time I watch it.

For some reason, Morgan Freeman has this hypnotic spell over me. Every time he starts in with the narrative, I feel every ounce of his pain. I mean Christ, I had to stop the movie and blow my nose when they\’re all drinking beer on the roof of the prison. His final speech before the parole board is an all-timer. And then at the end, when he says \”maybe I just miss my friend,\” my eyes turn into Niagra Falls.

So I\’m thinking we just cut the crap and elect Morgan Freeman President. Think about it – the presidency has pretty much become style over substance anyway. Why not have a President that goes off the charts on the style element?

He could probably talk me, Joe average citizen, into just about anything. If he were giving a speech and said \”My fellow Americans, we need to invade Canada,\” I\’d say \”Yeah, that sounds about right.\” If President Freeman wanted to double your income taxes, what are you going to do, say no? After the 40 years he spent in prison under that horrible warden? You heartless bastard.

So my advice to Morgan Freeman is, \”get busy runnin\’ or get busy dyin\’.\”