"The Trouble With Law is Lawyers"

Caught this in a St. Paul Pioneer Press story last week: (you may need to register) A Wisconsin man pleaded no contest Monday to killing his girlfriend\’s son after becoming angry when the boy wet his pants. Kevin Rood, 42, of Hammond pleaded no contest to second-degree reckless homicide and could face up to 25 […]

Do We Need a GOP Legislature?

Many supporters of the proposed Taxpayers Protection Amendment are working off the theory that it doesn\’t matter whether we have a Democratic or Republican legislature. As Peter DiGaudio puts it: We need to go RINO-hunting. Seriously. Wisconsin\’s Republican Party and leadership needs an enema. If it means defeating RINOs in primaries or even electing Democrats […]

Exxposing Hypocrisy

A brief break from my vacation for this – I get so few things right, I am obligated to point out when I am: Kudos to Stacy Forster at the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel for her blog post exposing the hypocrisy of Senate Democrats who criticize oil companies for their \”obscene\” profits. Hardcore Yorkheads might remember […]

Fun With the Kid

So this discussion took place when I was playing with my daughter: Baby York: \”I\’m going to get married, Daddy.\” Me: \”Oh yeah, who are you going to marry?\” Baby York: \”Miss Piggy.\” Me: Awkward silence…. Me: (Looking at my wife:) \”I need a ruling on this – am I allowed to say she\’s supposed […]

"Let the People Decide"

A democracy is nothing more than mob rule, where fifty-one percent of the people may take away the rights of the other forty-nine. — Thomas Jefferson While there shouldn\’t be any question about the love I have for my right wing brothers and sisters in the blogosphere, there are issues on which we occasionally depart. […]