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Oh, Snap! The Biz Endorses Hillary

\"\"The waiting game is over. It appears Hillary Clinton has received the much sought after endorsement of Biz Markie for her presidential run. \”The Diabolical Biz\” DJed at Hillary\’s presidential campaign fundraiser this Saturday night at a Chicago nightclub.

For those not in the know, The Biz is most famous for his smash hit \”Just a Friend,\” which revolutionized music 16 years ago. Since then, he is best known for his guest stints on several Beastie Boys albums.

The endorsement is likely to help Hillary pick up one key demographic: White guys who want black people to think they have been listening to rap for 20 years. I guess I can scratch The Biz off my list of fifth rate celebrities that may be Republican. Next up: Tina Yothers of \”Family Ties.\”

In response, Republican George Allen has announced that \”DJ Lower Marginal Tax Rate on Dividends,\” the fresh conservative rapper from South Central West Bend, will be headlining his next Wisconsin stop.

Hat Tip: Carlson

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