The Real History of the Recall

Yesterday, when the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel posted my op-ed describing the history surrounding enactment of the Wisconsin recall, I expected the usual suspects to flood the comment thread.  The process usually goes something like this: I spend weeks swimming in microfilm and documents at the State Historical Society in order to produce a fact-based report.  […]

The Spread of Public Pension Fights

At the same time WPRI is releasing a study demonstrating the superiority of public pension programs over private plans, similar fights are brewing around the country.  Take Fairfax County, Virginia (my home county, incidentally), which is proposing raising taxes specifically to fund higher benefits for teachers: (Via Reason) “The FCTA asked why the school board […]

A Term Limits Retort

Last week, my report recommending term limits for Wisconsin legislators was released. Reaction both for and against term limits has been rolling in, and it cuts across ideological lines. Conservative blogger Owen Robinson opposes them. Conservative radio talk show host Charlie Sykes supports them. Liberal Ed Garvey’s position is, as usual, incomprehensible. He claims I […]

New Report: Immigration and Green Bay

With governments all over the country figuring out how to handle their growing immigrant populations, WPRI thought it would be instructive to examine the economic effect immigrants have had on the City of Green Bay. The report attempts to quantify the costs and benefits of a large immigrant (both legal and illegal) population in a […]

Cable Study Media Wrap-Up

Yesterday, WPRI released my study on cable competition.  Articles on the study appeared in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, the St. Paul Pioneer Press, and the Racine Journal Times (same AP story, complete with entertaining reader comments).  I also appeared on Wisconsin Public Radio, which can be heard here.  Fox 6 news in Milwaukee also ran […]