WPRI In the News Today

Today, I have a column on the National Review Online.  It’s called “Of Course It’s About the Money:” “We are prepared to implement the financial concessions proposed to help bring our state’s budget into balance, but we will not be denied our God-given right to join a real union. . . . We will not […]

A New Reason to Protest

Amid the union worker protests taking place at the Wisconsin State Capitol, demonstrators saw an odd sight on Monday.  The Daily Show with Jon Stewart enlisted a camel for a report being filed by John Oliver – only it appears things went very wrong, as evidenced by these videos taken by Jack Craver from the […]

Worse Off Than We Think

This week, Milwaukee Magazine’s Bruce Murphy cites a recent New York Times analysis to make the point that Wisconsin’s budget deficit isn’t really so bad after all.  According to the analysis, Wisconsin’s $1.8 billion deficit in 2012 represents 12.8% of the previous year’s budget, which puts us right in the middle of the 44 states […]

The Exploding Use of Debt in Wisconsin

In November of 2007, I issued a WPRI report warning of Wisconsin’s growing use of debt.  (It’s a good read, especially if you’re looking to cure your insomnia.) This week, Moody’s Investor Service issued their own nationwide report detailing the massive amount of debt states are taking on in order to bolster their lagging tax […]

Jim Doyle’s Legacy, On One Page

By now, you know that the Wisconsin Supreme Court has struck down Governor Jim Doyle’s attempt to pilfer $200 million from the state’s doctors in order to balance the state budget.  In the 2007 budget, Doyle took $200 million out of a fund paid in to by doctors in order to partially plug a budget […]

The $680 Million Press Release

Yesterday, Governor Doyle’s administration gleefully reported that 8,284 jobs had been “created” or “retained” due to the federal stimulus money received in the most recent state budget.  The key word here is “retained” – because much of the funds the state spent merely displaced state general funds, which had been used to pay for state […]

Mark Miller Has a Point

Do not adjust your computer screen.  You have not accidentally run across the One Wisconsin Now website, or even the Capital Times editorial page.  (If you were the guy that reads Cap Times editorials, you’d probably have the munchies and have lost interest by now, anyway.  Wait – is Matlock on?) Last week, legislative Democrats […]

In Case Anyone’s Paying Attention

On late Friday, the state Department of Revenue serendipitously  released the state’s general fund tax collection numbers as of June, 2009. Income taxes are down 8%, sales and use taxes are down 3.8%, and corporate taxes are down 21.7%.  The only tax revenues that increased over the past year are excise taxes, presumably due to […]

America’s Newest Pastime – Blissful Ignorance

Bonds. Sosa. McGwire. A-Rod. Manny. Clemens. All names that just years ago were exalted as American heroes, each having re-written baseball’s record books. Now every one wallows in shame, having been exposed as a cheater. In doing so, each one of these players has stolen something. They’ve stolen records from our most revered heroes like Hank Aaron. They’ve stolen millions of dollars, having been […]