My new WPRI Report, “The Case for Term Limits in Wisconsin,” hits newsstands today. ┬áIt begins with this story:

As a young man in the early part of the 1900s, future Hall of Fame baseball manager Casey Stengel played for a barnstorming team, traveling to rural towns to play for big crowds. Oftentimes, their team would pull a fast one on the fans in attendance. Stengel would dress up as a farmer and sit in the stands, pretending to be one of the locals there to see a ballgame. During the game, he would dart out of the stands, yelling that he could do better than the professional players on the field. A phony argument would ensue, and the players would relent, allowing this “farmer” one at-bat. The pitcher would groove an easy fastball down the middle of the plate, and Stengel would knock the cover off of it, pleasing all the fans in the crowd who had dreams of playing baseball for a living.

One hundred years later, Wisconsin state government has become a similar charade, only in reverse. The people in the stands can do better than the professionals.

Read the full report here, as well as the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel write up here and the Wisconsin State Journal story here.

And if you’re short on time, just watch the video:

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