From the Appleton Post Crescent Website, via USA Today:

Wis. court race pits the chief vs. a conservative

MADISON, Wis. – Chief Justice Shirley Abrahamson is trying to turn back a challenge from a self-described conservative to win a fourth 10-year term on the Wisconsin Supreme Court.

A victory would put Abrahamson — appointed to the court in 1976 — on the way to becoming the longest serving justice in state history. A loss to Jefferson County Circuit Court Judge Randy Koschnick would tip the seven-member court further to the right and mark the third straight triumph of a judge running as a conservative.

The two are competing for a 10-year term in the April 7 election. With a well-known name, more experience and a huge financial advantage, Abrahamson is heavily favored. She also has history on her side: Only two incumbent justices have been defeated in the last 42 years.

From this article, we learn two important things:

1.  Randy Koschnick describes himself as a conservative.

2.  Shirley Abrahamson describes herself as the Chief Justice of the Wisconsin Supreme Court.

The article does point out that Abrahamson is “considered” to be one of the “more liberal” members of the Supreme Court, but also says she rejects that label.  As we have come to find out in the past three judicial elections, the public tends to favor conservatives for the Supreme Court, even in years when Republicans have been losing races by the boatloads.

So it appears the headline writer did Abrahamson a big favor by concealing her judicial philosophy.  But it’s nice that you can now be solely identified by whatever trait you think is most flattering.  If I ran against Russ Feingold, for instance, I’m sure the headline would read:

“Long Time U.S. Senator Faces Man Who Can Do 25 Push-ups With Only One Break Inbetween.”