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Watch Them Fall

Last year, I wrote a research report explaining how the minimum markup law on gasoline forced consumers to pay too much at the pump.  A month ago, the law was declared unconstitutional by a federal court.  Now, we’re seeing gas prices fall, to the benefits of consumers.

These gains may be short lived, however, as Governor Doyle’s new budget imposes a previously-rejected “oil franchise fee” on gasoline.  There is no serious person that believes this tax won’t be passed on to consumers at the pump.


  1. Where do you live? In Milwaukee, they’ve gone up since the ruling.

  2. You need to live by a truck stop, capper. Down on I-94 and Ryan, they’ve been cratering even as the price of oil has gone up.

  3. They’ve been doing that off and on forever. I did notice that prices haven’t dropped as much as the right told me they would. So who’s gouging now?

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