Wow. Whoever new blogger Playground Politics is, they come out of the box with a bang, unearthing holy pictures with Jim Doyle and recently minted Wisconsin punchline Steven Avery. Don\’t suppose we\’ll be seeing this picture come election time, will we?

Read the link here – and be sure to follow the timeline of what Avery has done besides the disproven rape charge for which he famously served 18 years. The only thing I would add to the timeline would be this egregious lapse in judgement:

2005 – Avery shows up at a press conference celebrating his innocence wearing a pair of jean shorts and a blue t-shirt with a burrito stain on it.

Makes you wonder why politicians would tie their fortunes to a guy who would set a cat on fire.

Here\’s Playground\’s take:

Avery has been out of prison hardly more than two years, and now is on the precipice of being convicted of one of the most horrific and brutal slayings that Wisconsin has ever seen. If you won\’t stand by him now, well, that says one of two things:

You are horrible judges of character, and surely anyone who misjudges a person that badly cannot be entrusted to do the will of the people or to hold a leadership position in the State Legislature.

You are shameless media whores who never really cared about Steven Avery and simply used him as a visual aid to get yourselves on television, on the radio, and in the paper.

Take your pick, gentlemen. Steven Avery is your buddy. Which is it?

UPDATE: For a copy of the the press release Doyle issued at the above press conference, go here. In the release, he bemoans what a poor guy Avery is that he lost his marriage and his job. In hindsight, it appears that Avery\’s prison time did all those people a service. Doyle says:

Steven Avery spent 18 years in prison for a crime he didn\’t commit. At the time of his arrest, Avery had a wife, five children, and a job. When he was released, his wife had divorced him, his children – two of which were less than a week old when he was imprisoned – were grown, and his job was long gone.